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Id: 3371
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl5

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: dlchatwebmaster [at]

Operating System: (no value)
PatchStatus: (no value)
Severity: none
Type: install
Perl Version: (no value)
Fixed In: (no value)

Date: 00-6-13 13:03:57
From: <dlchatwebmaster [...]>
Cc: <mark168 [...]>, <gsararu [...]>, <webmaster [...]>, <jackns [...]>, <email [...]>, <webmaster [...]>, <perlbug [...]>, <tchrist [...]>, <yangyy [...]>
Subject: ϵͳ����֪ͨ
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Hi锛屼綘濂\xBD 鍥藉唴鏈€澶у弻璧㈢綉浼氬憳鍒舵満鏋\x84(銆傚畠鍦ㄤ负娉ㄥ唽鑰呮彁渚涙湇鍔$殑鍚屾椂锛岃繕閲忓寲浜嗘敞鍐岃€呯殑浠峰€硷紝杩樻湁鍒嗙孩锛屽緢鐗瑰埆.姣忎釜鏈堜粙缁嶅崄涓汉浣犲氨鍙互寰楀埌100鍏冿紝浠嬬粛1000涓汉浣犲氨鍙互寰楀埌300鍏冧粙缁嶅崄涓汉浣犲氨鍙互寰楀埌10000鍏冦€傘€傘€傘€傘€傦紝鐜板湪鏄笉鏄績鍔ㄤ簡锛屼綘杩樺湪涓轰綘鐨勭綉璐硅€屽彂鎰佸悧锛熷揩鏉ユ敞鍐屽弻璧㈢綉鍚э紝浠栦笉浼氳浣犲け鏈涚殑锛岃繖鏍蜂綘灏卞彲浠ュ厤璐逛笂缃戜簡锛屽拰涔愪笉涓哄憿锛\x81 鍙岃耽缃戞槸涓€涓細鍛樺埗鐨勬満鏋勶紝灏辨槸涓€瀹氳閫氳繃瀹冨唴閮ㄧ殑浼氬憳鏉ヤ粙缁嶆墠鑳藉姞鍏ョ殑 浣犺繕鍦ㄦ兂浠€涔堝憿锛熻刀蹇敞鍐屽姞鍏ュ惂 ------------------------------------------------- CDmail by ClanSoft

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