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Status: resolved
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Owner: Nobody
Requestors: netspy99 [at]

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From: netspy99 [...]
To: <perlbug [...]>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 07:29:38
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text/plain 4.4k
CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION YOU WANT TO KNOW. This is the software they want banned from the INTERNET! "The Internet Desktop Spy" shows you how to get the facts on anyone using the Internet. LOCATE MISSING PERSONS, find lost relatives, obtain addresses and phone numbers of old school friends, even skip trace dead beat spouses. This is not a Private Investigator, but a SOFTWARE program DESIGNED to automatically CRACK YOUR CASE with links to thousands of Public Record Databases Find out SECRETS about your relatives, friends, enemies, and everyone else! -- even your spouse! With the New - "Internet Desktop SPY" You will be AMAZED at what you can discover: LICENSE PLATE NUMBER - Get anyone's name and address with just a license plate number! (Find that girl you met in traffic!) DRIVING RECORD - Get anyone's driving record! SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - Trace anyone by social security number! ADDRESS - Get anyone's address with just a name! UNLISTED PHONE NUMBERS - Get anyone's phone number with just a name- even unlisted numbers! LOCATE - Long lost friends, relatives, a past lover who broke your heart! E-MAIL - Send anyone anonymous e-mail that's completely untraceable! DIRTY SECRETS - Discover dirty secrets your in-laws don't want you to know! INVESTIGATE ANYONE - Use the sources that private investigators use (all on the Internet) secretly! EX-SPOUSE - Learn how to get information on an ex-spouse that will help you win in court! (Dig up old skeletons) CRIMINAL SEARCH - BACKGROUND CHECK - Find out about your daughter's boyfriend! (or her husband) FIND OUT - If you are being investigated! NEIGHBORS - Learn all about your mysterious neighbors! Find out what they have to hide! PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH - Be astonished by what you'll learn about the people you work with! EDUCATION VERIFICATION - Did he really graduate college? Find out! "The Internet Desktop Spy" will help you discover ANYTHING about anyone, with clickable hyperlinks and no typing in Internet addresses! Just insert the floppy disk and go! You will be shocked and amazed by the secrets that can be discovered about absolutely everyone! Find out the secrets they don't want you to know! About others, about yourself! LIMITED TIME OFFER -- ORDER TODAY! ONLY $20 (US) We will RUSH YOU "The Internet DeskTop Spy" software so you can begin discovering all the secrets you ever wanted to know! You can know EVERYTHING about ANYONE with "The Internet DeskTop Spy" software. - Works with all browsers and all versions of AOL - PC or Macintosh Versions available (The only software of this type now available for Macintosh users!) DON'T WAIT TO GET STARTED… It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. ORDER TODAY - While this software is still legal! VISA/MC/AMEX , Personal Checks and Money Orders accepted. Note: Shipping may be delayed a few days on personal check orders while we wait for the check to clear. STEP 1: Print out the below ORDER FORM STEP 2: Type or Print your order information into the form STEP 3: Mail Or FAX Your order to us. Send to: Marenick, Inc Internet Desktop Spy PMB 172, 551 Valley Road Upper MontClair, NJ 07043 FAX to: 973-680-1758 (Order with confidence. This is a secure fax area. Only our qualified sales team will have access to your order information) "The Internet DeskTop Spy" ORDER FORM Name: ________________________________ Address: ________________________________ City, State, ZIP: ________________________________ Country: ______________ (International Orders) TOTAL COST OF ORDER IS $20.00 (INCLUDES Shipping and Handling) - [International orders please add $7.00] ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED OUT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT (Personal check orders will require a few days while we wait for the check to clear) METHOD OF PAYMENT – ID Code B499 [ ]Visa [ ]MasterCard [ ]AMEX [ ]Money Order [ ]Personal Check Make Checks Payable to - Marenick, Inc. Credit Card #: __________________________________ Exp Date: _______________ Signature: ____________________________ (Required) E-Mail Address: ____________________________ Please Select Sotware Type [ ] PC or [ ] Mac NOTES: - This program will not work on Windows 3.11 and older - REFUNDS - Since this is "information" on disk, we cannot issue a refund after your order is shipped, only a replacement if necessary. - DISCLAIMER - The seller of this powerful software resource will not be held responsible for how the purchaser chooses to use its resources.

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