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The following struck me as kindof inconsistent: $ perl -cwe 'use strict; use integer; foo(-bar => "baz");' Argument "bar" isn't numeric in i_negate at -e line 1. $ perl -cwe 'use strict; foo(-bar => "baz");' $ # no such warning The former doesn't make much sense 'cause Perl should know that the thing on the left-hand side of => isn't required to be a number. Lot of code (for example, heaps of examples in the CGI documentation) thus fails under "use integer". That's a Bad Thing, IMHO. I'd fix it myself, but I'm not familiar enough with Perl's innards. :-( -- Matthias Urlichs | noris network GmbH | | ICQ: 20193661 The quote was selected randomly. Really. | -- With a rubber duck, one's never alone. -- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

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