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Id: 132326
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Queue: perl6

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Requestors: cpan [at]

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Subject: Potential issue with `is default` and Promises
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text/plain 481b
Today we had to revert an `is default` use in The commit caused a reproducible hang in S17-promise/lock-async-stress.t and S17-promise/lock-async-stress2.t tests while running stresstests, although when running the test files on their own, they passed (each takes ~50s to run) It's possible there's some issue in `is default` that occurs under stress. IRC:
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text/plain 460b 13:29 jnthn It'll probably be lazy attribute initialization 13:30 lizmat jnthn: but "is default" init isn't lazy ? 13:30 is it? 13:31 hmmm 13:31 jnthn Attribute scalar container creation is 13:31 Down in The Guts 13:31 But I'd like to kill that off 13:31 It makes every attribute access more expensive 13:32 lizmat so how would you like to fix that ? 13:32 jnthn I don't know yet.

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