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Id: 132305
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Queue: perl6

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Requestors: alex.jakimenko [at]

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Subject: [UNI] In some cases ‘Numeric’ uniprop returns “Lower” but it should be “None” instead (say ‘a’.uniprop(‘Numeric’))
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Code: say ‘a’.uniprop(‘Numeric’) Result: Lower It fluctuates a bit across releases: ¦2015.12,2016.01.1,2016.02,2016.03,2016.04,2016.05,2016.06,2016.07.1,2016.08.1,2016.09,2017.09,HEAD(b6982e6): «Lower» ¦2016.10,2016.11,2016.12,2017.02,2017.03,2017.04.3,2017.05,2017.06,2017.07,2017.08: «ALetter» ¦2017.01: «None» Explanation by samcv++:

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