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Subject: [SECURITY][WIN32] `run "perl6" ...` can be made to execute shell commands
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On Windows, cmd.exe has different quoting for arguments than CreateProcess() and according to a Microsoft's blog[^1] there's no one-size-fits all solution. While run() will quote stuff just fine for non-cmd.exe programs, `perl6` executable on Windows is a batch file, which makes `run 'perl6', ...` go through cmd.exe and its quoting, and it's possible to intro security issues: run $*EXECUTABLE, '-e', '"&whoami'; # executes `whoami` on the shell, as can be seen by output at the end The same problem exists with Perl's system: system 'perl6', ('-e', '"" &whoami'); # executes `whoami` on the shell So I'd assume the problem can't be solved entirely behind the scenes, precisely because there's no one-size-fits all solution. However, even in Rakudo's own test suite there are `run`s that run $*EXECUTABLE, feeding it improperly quoted arguments. It's not very obvious that `perl6` is a batch file and that it'd need special quoting. So I think we need to: 1) Find a way to un-batch it. Make `perl6` a proper executable 2) Maybe add `:win-cmd-quoting` arg to `run` that will properly quote args for use with cmd.exe when we're running on Windows, so at least there's an easy options for users to use, if they so require [1]
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P.S.: actually `run 'perl6', '-e', '"&whoami';` doesn't seem to execute `whoami` on the shell (judging by output at least), whoever `run $*EXECUTABLE` or `run 'perl6.bat'` do
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Worse still; there doesn't seem to be a way to make `run` work with `cmd.exe` commands at all. Even if you escape the args yourself properly, they seem to get butchered by libuv's quoting. There's a UV_PROCESS_WINDOWS_VERBATIM_ARGUMENTS that'd avoid quoting, though currently we have it off (so non-cmd.exe args get processed right)

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