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Id: 132176
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Queue: perl6

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Subject: [RFC] Aliasing of Mexico ops to Texas Versions
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During a recent update[^1] the static optimizer was taught to convert the Mexico ≥, ≤, and ≠ ops to their Texas alternatives. It was later pointed out[^2] that this aliasing is stronger than originally intended: multi sub infix:«<=» ( Str $, Str $ --> 'Str' ) {} say 'f' <= 'f'; # Str say 'f' ≤ 'f'; # Str It doesn't work the other way around though: defining own ≤ op won't make <= use it and these three ops are probably the only ones for which this kind of thing happens. I removed[^3] this kind of aliasing, for now. The RFC is: should this kind of aliasing be done for *all* Mexico ops? - The Mexico name is the one that is implemented as an alias to the Texas name - Defining a lexical Texas op makes Mexico ops use that lexical for free - Defining a lexical Mexico op does NOT make Texas alternatives use it for free [1] [2] [3]
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s:g/Mexico/Fancy Unicode/; per RT#132179:

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