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Id: 132003
Status: open
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Queue: perl6

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Requestors: daxim <daxim [at]>

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Subject: grammar cannot parse from Blob/Buf
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› perl6 -v This is Rakudo version 2017.07 built on MoarVM version 2017.07 implementing Perl 6.c. › cat use v6; grammar Calculator { token TOP { [ <add> | <sub> ] } rule add { <num> '+' <num> } rule sub { <num> '-' <num> } token num { \d+ } } say Calculator.parse('2 + 3'); say Calculator.parse([50,32,43,32,51])); # '2 + 3' › perl6 「2 + 3」 add => 「2 + 3」 num => 「2」 num => 「3」 Cannot use a Buf as a string, but you called the Str method on it in block <unit> at line 9 It appears grammars only accept strings, but I also want to parse non-text input, e.g. binary file formats.
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In Perl 6.c, regexes/grammars can only parse strings (at the grapheme level). If you want to parse a Blob or Buf, you have to decode it into a string first by calling the `.decode` method¹ on it. Early Perl 6 design documents² suggested support for parsing at the byte or code-point level, but this hasn't become part of the language yet. I suspect it might be added in a future version. Marking this ticket [NYI]. --- 1) 2)

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