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Id: 131972
Status: new
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: dzwell [at]

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Tag: Bug
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To: rakudobug [...]
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 11:55:44 +0000
From: Dan Zwell <dzwell [...]>
Subject: [BUG] misleading grammar error output when referring to a missing rule with a similarly named sub-rule
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text/plain 616b
Version: Rakudo version 2017.08-14-gf097e551b built on MoarVM version 2017.08.1-32-gcd41322e
implementing Perl 6.c.

When running the attached script, the error output should be:
No such method 'hash' for invocant of type 'Matcher'

Instead, the error given is:
P6opaque: no such attribute '$!pos' in type Match when trying to get a value

Test case:

grammar Matcher {
    rule TOP { <hash> }
    proto rule atom {*}
    rule atom:sym<hash> { . }
Matcher.parse('x'); # Generates the wrong error.
'x' ~~ /<Matcher::TOP>/; # Generates the same error as above.
'x' ~~ /<Matcher::hash>/; # Generates the right error.

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