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Id: 131758
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: blackcatoverwall [at]

Severity: (no value)
Tag: Bug
Platform: (no value)
Patch Status: (no value)
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To: rakudobug [...]
Subject: [BUG] running script exit crash after update rakudo
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 23:14:00 +0800
From: gfw blackcat <blackcatoverwall [...]>
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Error from OP: Unhandled exception: const_n32 NYI at SeekFromEnd:9154 (/usr/share/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:) from acosh:9154 (/usr/share/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:) from localhost:9154 (/usr/share/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:THREAD-ENTRY)
From: Timo Paulssen <timo [...]>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 12:07:50 +0200
To: perl6-compiler [...]
Subject: Re: [perl #131758] [BUG] running script exit crash after update rakudo
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text/plain 339b
I wrote a fix, could you try downgrading to 2017.06, running the script, applying the patch to your 2017.07, making sure the Makefile itself gets regenerated via, and install, then see if the program still crashes? the commit message also explains what's going wrong here.

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