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Id: 131722
Status: new
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: alex.jakimenko [at]

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Subject: [REGRESSION]? Map and containerization (my %m :=‘a’, ‘X’); %m<a> = 42)
Code: my %m :=<a X b Y>); %m<a> = 42; say %m.perl Result (2015.12~HEAD):,:b("Y"))) Code: my %m :=‘a’, ‘X’, ‘b’, ‘Y’); %m<a> = 42; say %m.perl Result (2015.12 ~ 2016.06):,:b("Y"))) Result (2016.07.1 ~ 2017.05): Cannot modify an immutable Str in block <unit> at /tmp/8nf6dnM_9C line 2 Result (2017.06 ~ HEAD(05c255c)): Cannot modify an immutable Str (X) in block <unit> at /tmp/8nf6dnM_9C line 2 The significant change happened after I'm not sure what the ideal behavior should be, I'm just pointing out the thing. IRC log: Another interesting point: Code: my %m :=<a X b Y>); say %m.perl Result:"X"),:b("Y"))) Code: my %m :=‘a’, ‘X’, ‘b’, ‘Y’); say %m.perl Result:"X"),:b("Y"))) If their .perl is identical, I guess they should behave identically too.
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There was an email reply to this ticket which for some reason is missing. The issue was temporarily-fixed with a workaround, which would need to be removed to detect if proper fix is fixing the issue:

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