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Id: 131483
Status: new
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: cpan [at]

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Subject: [LTA] Inconsistent resultant type of `+@` slurpy when given a Seq
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Some discussion: The crux of it is the type of `+@` slurpy changes, depending on the input, though on further examinations it seems only Seq is affected: m: sub grab(+@a) { dd @a }; grab %(:42a, :72b); grab (1, (2, 3)); grab [1, (2, 3)]; grab (1, (2, 3)).Seq rakudo-moar 348891: OUTPUT: «[:a(42), :b(72)]␤[1, (2, 3)]␤[1, (2, 3)]␤(1, (2, 3))␤» In all of the examples above, the `@a` ends up being an Array, except for the last case (with Seq input), where it's a List. This leads to two issues: 1) The inner list of the Seq did not get containerized, so we have inconsistencies in how the `+@` slurpy flattens 2) The List is immutable, so doing something like `@a[42] = 70` is currently never safe with a `+@` slurpy, because for some inputs it might end up being a List. Seems like the Seq case needs fixing so it ends up being an Array as well.

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