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Id: 131399
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: ben-goldberg [at]

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Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 17:37:54 +0000
From: Benjamin Goldberg <ben-goldberg [...]>
To: "rakudobug [...]" <rakudobug [...]>
Subject: Feature Request: Better NativeCall Array termination
There are lots of C APIs where a data structure has an array of pointers, with a NULL value indicating where that array ends.
It would be nice if I could tell NativeCall that some CArray returned by some C function is such an array, and prevent the user from reading the NULL, or anything beyond it.
This could also automatically append a NULL if necessary when a NativeCall managed CArray is passed to some C function.
For example:
    my $environ = cglobal( Str, ‘environ’, CArray[Str] is NULL-terminated );
    my %e = map split( ‘=’, *, 2 ), @$environ;
There are also C functions where the length is passed as a separate integer.  It would be nice if, for this type of API, a CArray could be given an explicit length, which would then prevent the user from accidentally reading beyond the end of the array.
Perhaps something like:
    sub poll( CArray[pollfd] $fds, int32 $nfds, int32 timeout –> int32 is CArray-elems(‘$fds’) ) is native;
It would also be nice if CArray did the role Iterable, though obviously only if it’s NULL terminated or the length has been assigned to.

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