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Id: 131251
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: bri [at]

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Subject: Useless use warning triggered on assignment forms of reverse metaops
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An R metaop using the bracket notation to retain lvalueness of the lvalue side triggers a "useless use" warning in sink context, and shouldn't. (10:00:22 PM) skids: m: my $a = "H"; say $a [R~]= "T"; $a.say; $a [R~]= "W"; $a.say (10:00:22 PM) camelia: rakudo-moar f4cbdb: OUTPUT: «Potential difficulties:␤ Useless use of [R~]= in sink context␤ at <tmp>:1␤ ------> $a = "H"; say $a [R~]= "T"; $a.say; $a ⏏[R~]= "W"; $a.say␤TH␤TH␤WTH␤»
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This also happens with other metaops than R, like [Z+]=, [X+]=, and also [S+]= (which admittedly doesn't do sensible things)

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