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From: Matt Rosin <telebody [...]>
Subject: [STAR][BUG] Cursor behavior with Unicode in command line interactive input
To: rakudobug [...]
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 23:02:49 +0900
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When Unicode is entered In the perl6 interactive shell on the command line in Mac OS X, when you backspace over a previously inputted line the cursor position is displayed incorrectly and backspacing only partially destroys the unicode character. $ perl6 Show quoted text
> <a b c> ∩ <b c d>
set(c, b) Show quoted text
> (press the up arrow key to copy the line)
—> the cursor appears some spaces to the right of the end of the line. (Press the delete key 9 times) —> the second byte of the unicode intersect character only is deleted, leaving a question mark in a diamond character (unicode name: REPLACEMENT CHARACTER): � (Press enter key) Malformed termination of UTF-8 string in sub nativecast at /Applications/Rakudo/share/perl6/sources/51E302443A2C8FF185ABC10CA1E5520EFEE885A1 (NativeCall::Types) line 5 in method deref at /Applications/Rakudo/share/perl6/sources/51E302443A2C8FF185ABC10CA1E5520EFEE885A1 (NativeCall::Types) line 58 in sub linenoise at /Applications/Rakudo/share/perl6/site/sources/0BDF8C54D33921FEA066491D8D13C96A7CB144B9 (Linenoise) line 86 in any interactive at src/Perl6/Compiler.nqp line 62 I enter this Unicode character by using the Japanese input method, but you can use the Mac OS X unicode/emoji viewer. I used the N-ARY INTERSECT character above but the fat INTERSECT character does the same thing. This problem does not occur when entering a program in this shell using perl6 -e ‘’, nor when I run vi in this shell and edit in vi. Environment: Mac OS X 10.12.3 Sierra, Rakudo 2017.1 dmg, iTerm Build 3.1.beta.1, bash-3.2 with export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 Regards, Matt

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