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Id: 130889
Status: resolved
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Queue: perl6

Owner: cpan [at]
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From: "A. Sinan Unur" <sinan [...]>
Subject: perl6 can't find file it just created
To: rakudobug [...]
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 09:38:25 -0500
This is on Windows 10 using MoarVM, NQP, and perl6 built using Visual Studio 2015 tools. I am using development versions on this machine, but I don't think the problem is caused by that. Consider the following script: $ type cogito-ergo-sum.pl6 use v6.c; my $test-file = 'sartre'.IO; my $test-fh = $ :w; die "Could not open $test-file" unless ?$test-fh; $test-fh.put: Q:to/END/; Camus was right! END $test-fh.close; ($test-file ~ ($test-file.e ?? ' exists' !! ' does not exist' )).say; die "$test-file does not exist" unless $test-file.e; Here is what I see: $ perl6 cogito-ergo-sum.pl6 sartre does not exist sartre does not exist in block <unit> at cogito-ergo-sum.pl6 line 15 But, of course, the file was created: $ dir sartre ... 2017-02-28 09:34 AM 20 sartre On the second run, when the file 'sartre' already exists, it can find it: $ perl6 cogito-ergo-sum.pl6 sartre exists This seems to be some kind of caching issue involving the file system, but, of course, that could be wrong because I haven't examined what actually happens. -- Sinan
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