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Subject: [LTA] Download Page on
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See We had a user who's using rakudobrew because from the download page they thought that's the easiest way to use Perl 6. We probably should download Rakudobrew and promote Rakudo Star more (see also stmuk's comments in that log that having two lists of instructions on and is just doubling the workload)
By "download Rakudobrew" I meant "downplay"
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No, we should remove the mention of rakudobrew. Core developers - who are the target audience of this tool - already know about its existence. Ordinary users are more often harmed than helped. While we're at it, we should also change the blanket recommendation to install rakudo from source on Linux. Right now at least Fedora and openSUSE contain packages of rakudo's 2017.05 release, soon to be updated to 2017.06. Other Linux distributions are probably at the same stage. Of course there are some which ship years old packages. For those the install from source option is very good advice. But not for e.g. an openSUSE user wanting to give Perl 6 a quick try.

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