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Subject: [BUG][POD] Pod config parses colopairs but simply stringifies whatever it matched
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For example, in the code below, only `:bar` config var would have the correct value. The rest all parse OK but the rest simply stringify whatever is inside the `()`: =begin table :foo('meow') :bar<meow> :ber(Q|foos|) :var(join "\n", <a b c>) The Bowler Carol Pinnsler Haunted bowling ball =end table dd $=pod # [ => Any, headers => [], config => {:bar("meow"), :ber("Q|foos|"), :foo("'meow'"), :var("join \"\\n\", <a b c>")}, contents => [["The Bowler", "Carol Pinnsler", "Haunted bowling ball"],])] I took a look at fixing this, and the problematic code has comments "# This is a cheaty and evil hack." and "# and this is the worst hack of them all." Need to determine what sort of config values are acceptable (considering right now you can execute arbitrary code via a BEGIN block) and then change how this stuff is actually parsed.

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