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Id: 129214
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: roam [at]

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Subject: Initialization of variables explicitly declared as Hash[...]
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Hi, While trying to write a function returning Hash[Array[Str]], I came up against what looks like two related problems. All of this is with both 2016.08.1 and a current one - "This is Rakudo version 2016.08.1-116-gf648d3b built on MoarVM version 2016.08-35-g5108035". First of all, if a variable is declared, but not initialized, it seems that some kind of initialization is delayed until an assignment is made and then a type check breaks. Here's an example: #!/usr/bin/env perl6 use v6.c; my Hash[Int] $data; say 'Created, not initialized yet'; dd $data; say 'About to initialize it...'; $data<key> = 5; say 'We never get here, do we?'; dd $data; The output is: [roam@straylight ~/lang/perl/misc/rt/hash/01-init]$ perl6 hash-init.p6 Created, not initialized yet Hash[Int] $data = Hash[Int] About to initialize it... Type check failed in assignment to $data; expected Hash[Int] but got Hash (${}) in block <unit> at hash-init.p6 line 11 And this leads almost directly to the second problem. I tried to work around this message by initializing the hash at creation time, and this seems to actually lose the value type constraint! Here's an example: #!/usr/bin/env perl6 use v6.c; my Hash[Int] $data .= new(); say 'Created and initialized'; dd $data; say 'About to assign to it...'; $data<key> = 3/5; say 'So did we really store a Rat into a hash of Ints?'; dd $data; dd $data<key>; And the output is: [roam@straylight ~/lang/perl/misc/rt/hash/02-weird-types]$ perl6 hash-int-rat.p6 Created and initialized Hash[Int] $data = (my Int %) About to assign to it... So did we really store a Rat into a hash of Ints? Hash[Int] $data = (my Int % = :key(0.6)) Rat <element> = 0.6 Thanks in advance for looking into this! G'luck, Peter

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