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Id: 128323
Status: new
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: cpan [at]

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Subject: Rare Segmentation Fault
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Filing as per jnthn++'s request ( Ran my program and got a Segmentation Fault, even though running it multiple times again did not trigger it. Also, got one last night with a slightly different codebase, but one that did use two IO::Socket::Async, suggesting that spawning several of them fast might be where the bug lives. The commit for the codebase is here: It's huge. The Socket stuff is in lib/IRC/Client.pm6. To run this, do perl6 examples/bot.p6, however, that would require two local IRC servers to run on ports 6667 and 5667. Different ports/hosts can be specified here: (use :host<> inside individual hashes).

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