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Id: 127725
Status: new
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: daryl [at]

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Subject: [Feature request] Method to convert a file descriptor to a filehandle
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Hi! I would appreciate if an IO::Handle class could be created from a file descriptor. From what i saw, the "native-descriptor" method from IO::Handle can do the reverse operation. This last method is handled by nqp, which in turn gets it from moarvm (it is call "fileno_fh" in moar). Most of the work would probably be done in moarvm. This kind of work would help design proper IO::Handles -inherited classes when one only gets a file descriptor as an input. Exemple : IO::Pty would be constructed via the posix_openpt method. This method only returns a file descriptor. Thank you! Azry

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