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Id: 127422
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: ugexe [at]

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Subject: Behavior of state vars in variations of `do while` inconsistent
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The following prints an incrementing count (expected): `my $x = do { while ( 1 ) { state $a++; say $a; }; }; say $x;` `do while ( 1 ) { state $a++; say $a; }; say $x;` The following only prints `1`s (expected incrementing count): `my $x = do while ( 1 ) state $a++; say $a; }; }; say $x;` When `do` does not use braces it works as expected unless its also used in assignment. When `do` does use braces it always works as expected.
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As another data point, the problem persists also when using parens instead of "do" to enforce return values: (loop { state $a++; say $a; })[^5]
See also #117975 which might be related.

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