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Id: 127344
Status: open
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: rick [at]

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Subject: fail to handle numbers as option name for MAIN
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text/plain 102b sub MAIN (*%h) { %h.keys.say; }; then --foo=bar --42=bat returns (-42 foo) why -42?
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On Thu Jan 21 23:32:42 2016, wrote: Show quoted text
> > sub MAIN (*%h) { %h.keys.say; }; > > then --foo=bar --42=bat > returns (-42 foo) > > why -42?
The passed values are smart-matched against: /^ ( '--' | '-' | ':' ) ('/'?) (<-[0..9\.]> .*) $/ to capture $switch, $negate, and $arg. I don't understand why a leading digit or '.' are negated here. It would be nice to allow digits in options. But if that's necessary, then adding a hyphen in that character class will fix the "-42" result.
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Question for @LARRY: how are we resolving this? Do we allow digits as named params or do we fix it to reject the -42 edge case too? My vote would be to allow them, as it gives for greater functionality. I don't know why this restriction was added, but I suspect it may have been due to inability to name a variable starting with a digit, however, such parameters can still be accessed via %_ or a slurpy hash. -- Cheers, ZZ |

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