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Id: 127145
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: jns+bc [at]

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Tag: Bug
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Subject: [BUG] explicitly-manage is doing something un thread-safe apparently
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This came up on IRC regarding what is "thread-safe" and what isn't in NativeCall: [jonathan@cannibal ~]$ perl6 -e ' use NativeCall; await start { my $a = "dubba"; explicitly-manage($a); } xx 15' Incompatible MROs in P6opaque rebless in block <unit> at -e line 1 I would speculate that the change that explicitly-manage makes to the string is somehow shared among the threads. It could present a major problem to people trying to use a native sub with a "const char *" argument in a concurrent application. This is with a straight up: This is Rakudo version 2015.12 built on MoarVM version 2015.12 implementing Perl 6.c
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This seems to have been fixed as far as I can tell. Unfortunately the bisectbot was unable to show which commit might have solved the issue. Tried it several times on my 32 bit Linux VM with 'Rakudo version 2017.09-348-g830084430 built on MoarVM version 2017.09.1-575-gd4e230a69' without any problems.

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