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Id: 126873
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: juerd [at]

Severity: (no value)
Tag: (no value)
Platform: (no value)
Patch Status: (no value)
VM: (no value)

To: rakudobug [...]
From: "Juerd Waalboer" <juerd [...]>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 18:46:01 +0100
Subject: Cannot find method 'compile_time_value' for big Rat
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text/plain 209b
17:52 < Juerd> m: say <1480211362058/1021> 17:52 <+camelia> rakudo-moar 7df997: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Cannot find method 'compile_time_value'␤» 17:52 < Juerd> ^ Is that a bug? 17:52 < TimToady> Juerd: yup
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Fixed by rakudo 27752615026fe58fe2012825c5f4e55e7412c95a and tested with roast 1b4f796e1065cdf4711779546a65801fc36ce5a4

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