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Id: 126615
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl5

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: dcollinsn [at]

Operating System: (no value)
PatchStatus: (no value)
Severity: low
Type: unknown
Perl Version: (no value)
Fixed In: 5.22.1

Subject: Segfault/assert fail with regex_sets warning
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Thanks for finding this, now fixed by 2985caa9ee0029932680fc8f354a35492d18fe9a This and similar bugs you've found are due to my adding asserts to code where my limited imagination did not think the situation could come up, but wanted to be sure of that, and not to blindly forge ahead getting a wrong answer. You have found a bunch where it was a syntax error that I my imagination didn't realize, and one (I think it was only one) where it was legitimate syntax that I overlooked. Now there are just a couple of these asserts left. -- Karl Williamson

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