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Id: 126283
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Queue: perl6

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Requestors: elizabeth <liz [at]>

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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2015 12:18:25 +0200
From: Elizabeth Mattijsen <liz [...]>
To: rakudobug [...]
Subject: invocants default to :D ?
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[12:14:07] <lizmat> hmmm... [12:14:34] <lizmat> S06:1633 states: "In standard Perl 6, C<Int> is generally assumed to mean C<Int:_>, except for invocants, where the default is C<Int:D>." [12:14:54] <lizmat> I don't think we've actually implemented it this way at the moment? [12:15:17] <lizmat> m: class A { method foo { dd self } }; [12:15:17] <+camelia> rakudo-moar c47145: OUTPUT«A␤» [12:15:39] <lizmat> according to S06:1633, that should have been an error ? [12:15:44] <jnthn> lizmat: Indeed. Another little thing to decide before Christmas. [12:16:09] <jnthn> lizmat: I think the problem has always been that it makes it harder to write `new` methods [12:16:11] <lizmat> should I ticket this, or is it on the list somewhere already [12:16:18] <jnthn> You can ticket it [12:16:39] <lizmat> will do [12:16:43] <jnthn> The resolution may well end up being we change S06, but we should decide on it one way or the other. [12:16:54] <lizmat> yup, indeed :-)

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