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Id: 126209
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: ugexe [at]

Severity: (no value)
Tag: Bug
Platform: (no value)
Patch Status: (no value)
VM: (no value)

Subject: [BUG] LTA error message for $hash assignment with missing comma
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text/plain 324b
This used to work somehow: ugexe | star: my @z = (^3).map: {$_}; my $x = { :a(1) :b(@z) } camelia | star-m 2015.03: ( no output ) But now it gives a cryptic error message: ugexe | m: my @z = (^3).map: {$_}; my $x = { :a(1) :b(@z) } camelia | rakudo-moar 1ed1ea: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Unknown QAST node type NQPMu␤»

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