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Id: 125654
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: rob [at]

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Subject: Killing a Proc::Async doesn't seem to clean up its file descriptors, causing an abort() from libuv
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See the attached script. Removing :w from the call to or the tap on $proc.stdout prevents this behavior. When I set a file descriptor limit of 150 via ulimit, Rakudo abort()s after about 60 iterations.
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use v6; my @procs; my @promises; for ^1000 { .say; if @procs { @procs[*-1].kill; } my $proc ='sleep', '20', :w); $proc.stdout.tap(-> $ {}); @promises.push: $proc.start; @procs.push: $proc; } await @promises;

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