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Id: 123933
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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 23:44:16 +0100
Subject: () vs [] influences matching behavior
From: <beasley [...]>
To: rakudobug [...]
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say "asdfEnd" ~~ /:ratchet ( xyz || .+! ) End / Results in: Nil say "asdfEnd" ~~ /:ratchet [ xyz || .+! ] End / Results in: 「asdfEnd」 I'd expect them to give the same result.
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Simpler test-case: say "abcd" ~~ /:ratchet .+! "d" /; # 「abcd」 say "abcd" ~~ /:ratchet [.+!] "d" /; # 「abcd」 say "abcd" ~~ /:ratchet (.+!) "d" /; # Nil I think this may actually not be a bug. The () creates a proper subpattern, and the :ratchet modifier prevent backtracking back into that subpattern. The [], on the other hand, is simply for grouping. One thing that is slightly surprising, though, is that the following still matches: say "abcd" ~~ /:ratchet ["foo" || .+!] "d" /; # 「abcd」 S05 suggests that :ratchet should prevent backtracking into an alternation: The new :r or :ratchet modifier [...] imply a : after every atom, including [...] alternations. Does that only refer to declarative alternations with `|`, and not to sequential ones with `||` ?
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Turns out there is already ticket #123934 for the question of whether both `|` and `||` style alternations should be affected by the :ratchet modifier. So *this* ticket can be reduced to the question of whether the following two should behave the same as far as matching is concerned: Show quoted text
> say "abcd" ~~ /:r [.+!] "d" /; # 「abcd」 > say "abcd" ~~ /:r (.+!) "d" /; # Nil
As I stated in my previous comment, I'm not convinced they should.

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