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Id: 123893
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: perl5

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: hv <hv [at]>

Operating System: (no value)
PatchStatus: (no value)
Severity: low
Type: unknown
Perl Version: (no value)
Fixed In: 5.22.0

Subject: parse hangs
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I restarted AFL (<>) on latest blead, but it quickly finds this and hangs: ./miniperl -ce '"@{"' Bisect shows this was introduced by the recent commit e47d32dcd5: [perl #123712] Fix /$a[/ parsing The parser used to read more lines of input when parsing code interpo- lated into quote-like operators, under some circumstance. [...] The simplest fix is to modify the function that reads more input, namely, lex_next_chunk, and prevent it from reading more lines of input from inside a quote-like operator. Hugo
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Fixed in 0f9d53bbc. -- Father Chrysostomos
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Thank you for submitting this ticket. The issue should now be resolved with the release today of Perl v5.22, which is available at -- Karl Williamson for the Perl 5 team

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