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Id: 123216
Status: resolved
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Queue: perl6

Owner: Nobody
Requestors: moritz <moritz.lenz+perl [at]>
zheglov1887 [at]

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Subject: Custom prefix- and postfix operators with the same precedence don't mix
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 17:52:26 +0100
To: rakudobug [...]
From: Moritz Lenz <moritz [...]>
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text/plain 1.3k
Test file: sub postfix:<_post_l_>($a) is assoc<left> is equiv(&prefix:<+>) { "<$a>" } sub prefix:<_pre_l_> ($a) is assoc<left> is equiv(&prefix:<+>) { "($a)" } _pre_l_ 'a' _post_l_ ./perl6 -Ilib ===SORRY!=== ResizablePMCArray: Can't pop from an empty array! Maybe also of interest: ./perl6 --ll-exception -Ilib ResizablePMCArray: Can't pop from an empty array! current instr.: 'EXPR_reduce' pc 15766 (src/stage2/gen/NQPHLL.pir:5721) (src/stage2/gen/ called from Sub 'EXPR' pc 15628 (src/stage2/gen/NQPHLL.pir:5657) (src/stage2/gen/ called from Sub 'EXPR' pc 207808 (src/gen/perl6-grammar.pir:69050) (src/Perl6/ called from Sub 'statement' pc 58086 (src/gen/perl6-grammar.pir:20310) (src/Perl6/ called from Sub 'statementlist' pc 56325 (src/gen/perl6-grammar.pir:19748) (src/Perl6/ called from Sub 'comp_unit' pc 51125 (src/gen/perl6-grammar.pir:17855) (src/Perl6/ called from Sub 'TOP' pc 20860 (src/gen/perl6-grammar.pir:7632) (src/Perl6/ the exception comes from this part here: op_infix: .local pmc right, left right = pop termstack left = pop termstack # <-- HERE op[0] = left op[1] = right $P0 = opO['reducecheck'] if null $P0 goto op_infix_1 $S0 = $P0 self.$S0(op)
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 21:05:31 +0000
Subject: [BUG] QRPA: Can't pop from an empty array!
To: rakudobug [...]
From: V V <zheglov1887 [...]>
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text/plain 787b
Not sure what is causing this (using Perl only a few days). I have the following example use v6 ; sub infix:«MYPLUS»(*@a) is assoc('list') { [+] @a ; } sub prefix:«MYMINUS»($a) is looser(&infix:<MYPLUS>) { -$a ; } # QRPA: Can't pop from an empty array! say (MYMINUS 1 MYPLUS 2 MYPLUS 3) ; However the following equivalent example works as expected use v6 ; sub prefix:«MYMINUS»($a) { -$a ; } sub infix:«MYPLUS»(*@a) is assoc('list') is tighter(&prefix:<MYMINUS>) { [+] @a ; } # prints -6 as expected say (MYMINUS 1 MYPLUS 2 MYPLUS 3) ; Output of perl6 --version is This is perl6 version 2014.10-121-g7dd7292 built on parrot 6.9.0 revision RELEASE_6_9_0-72-g4b90157 Thanks, Vladimir
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text/plain 906b
The prefix op must be unary, so this works: sub infix:<MYPLUS>(*@a) is assoc('list') { [+] @a } sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is looser(&infix:<MYPLUS>) is assoc('unary') { -$a } say (MYMINUS (1 MYPLUS 2 MYPLUS 3)); # -6 The problem and the weird (LTA) error message turn up when the prefix op has any other assoc, for example: sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is assoc('unary') { -$a }; say (MYMINUS 1); # works sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is assoc('left') { -$a }; say (MYMINUS 1); # fails sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is assoc('right') { -$a }; say (MYMINUS 1); # fails sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is assoc('list') { -$a }; say (MYMINUS 1); # fails sub prefix:<MYMINUS>($a) is assoc('non') { -$a }; say (MYMINUS 1); # fails I don't what would be the best way to solve that error message. 1) make prefix ops unary by default? 2) complain about prefix ops that are not unary, and suggest to make them unary? 3) both?
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text/plain 1.1k
There is no unary associativity, according to S03: Using two ! symbols below generically to represent any pair of operators that have the same precedence, the associativities specified above for binary operators are interpreted as follows: Assoc Meaning of $a ! $b ! $c ===== ========================= L left ($a ! $b) ! $c R right $a ! ($b ! $c) N non ILLEGAL C chain ($a ! $b) and ($b ! $c) X list infix:<!>($a; $b; $c) O N/A (not really an operator) For unaries this is interpreted as: Assoc Meaning of !$a! ===== ========================= L left (!$a)! R right !($a!) N non ILLEGAL So on the surface I think the issue here is that rakudo is using a 'unary' associativity as a cheat, rather than correctly implementing unary associativities. (S03 further notes that standard Perl 6 doesn't take advantage of associativity on unaries, since it keeps each level consistently prefix/postfix, which would explain why rakudo can get away with a 'unary' assoc for standard P6)

Heh, what a clusterfuck! OK let's try to untangle this ticket.

The second issue mentioned in this ticket (MVMArray: Can't pop from an empty array) was fixed. ✓
Output on all releases:
Fixed in (2015-03-30)

Therefore, 「testneeded」.

As for the OP, it seems to be fixed too, but the code is probably not supposed to work. See:

'a' _post_l_

↑ There's whitespace before the postfix and that's not supposed to work. It also doesn't help that the chosen operator is a valid identifier.

That said:
say _pre_l_ 'a'_post_l_ # OUTPUT:

Show quoted text
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/alex/./deleteme.pm6
Operators '_pre_l_ ' and '_post_l_' are non-associative and require parentheses
at /home/alex/./deleteme.p6:7
------> say _pre_l_ 'a'_post_l_⏏<EOL>
    expecting any of:

As per the last comment, there's no unary associativity, so my best guess is that it is not supposed to work (at least at this point).

So we can change the code like the error message suggests:

say (_pre_l_ 'a')_post_l_ # OUTPUT: «<(a)>␤»

Note that the other way is not going to work because it looks too much like a method call. But that works! ✓

Here's the output on all releases:
And that's when it was fixed: (2017-04-04)

So I'd say 「testneeded」 (that is, two tests needed), but see RT#131099 for further progress on assoc with non-infix ops.

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