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Subject: Perl6 features out of date
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 13:55:31 +0000
To: rakudobug [...]
From: kevin dawson <kevin [...]>
Download data_blocks.p6
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Hi All,

ticket as requested by FROGGS

the info in ->

relating to Lexing and Parsing - Pod implies all works,

But This is not the case

Data Blocks from -

Data blocks

Named Pod blocks whose typename is data are the Perl 6 equivalent of the Perl 5 __DATA__ section. The difference is that =data blocks are just regular Pod blocks and may appear anywhere within a source file, and as many times as required.

There is a corresponding variable, $=data, from which each =data block can be retrieved. $=data holds an object that does both the Associative and Positional roles.

Each =data block can be given a :key option, to name it. The contents of any =data block with a key are accessible (as a single string) via the Associative aspect of $=data object. For example:

    =begin data :key<Virtues>
    =end data

    say 'The three virtues are:';
    say $=data<Virtues>;

The contents of any =data block that does not have a :key are accessible (as a single string) via the Positional aspect of $=data. Unkeyed =data blocks are stored in the same order they appear in the file. For example:

    say 'The second anti_Virtue is: ', $=data[1];

    =data Industry
    =data Patience
    =data Humility

Note that, as the preceding example illustrates, because Pod is a compile-time phenomenon, it is possible to specify =data blocks after the point in the source where their contents will be used (provided they're not being used in a BEGIN, of course).

When $=data itself is stringified, it returns the concatenation of all the unkeyed =data blocks the parser has seen.

=data blocks are never rendered by the standard Pod renderers.

We Now Generate the following Output:

$ perl6 data_blocks.p6
Variable $=data is not declared
at data_blocks.p6:10
------> say $=data<Virtues>⏏;
    expecting any of:


Download (untitled) / with headers
text/plain 241b "status" : "r+ n+- (parsing only, no $=pod)", could be changed to "status" : "r+- n+- (parsing only, no $=pod)", regards or data blocks don't live in S26 I don't know
Download (untitled) / with headers
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I'll modify the feature matrix at to reflect the missing implementation of $=data for Pod data blocks.

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